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Suzanne Shepard of Eliot Street Pilates

About Suzanne

Suzanne is a classically trained Pilates teacher. She originally obtained her Pilates certification with Power Pilates in 2007. Since then, Suzanne has continued her studies of Classical Pilates, traveling to New York, Atlanta, California, and Colorado to attend workshops and work with other passionate Pilates teachers. Most recently, she completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program at the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, a world renowned teacher training program. 

A competitive three sport athlete growing up, Suzanne discovered Pilates while recovering from two ACL reconstructive surgeries.  During her lengthy convalescence, she learned the many benefits -- both restorative and preventative -- of Pilates.  She credits her consistent Pilates workouts with making her feel strong, toned and athletic again.

Eliot Street Pilates

About Deborah

In an effort to find a sustainable fitness program, Deborah Young came to Pilates in 2007. The strength and flexibility she found there inspired her to pursue mat and comprehensive apparatus certification through Power Pilates. Deborah is classically trained and teaches individuals, small groups and mat classes. She is a challenging yet patient instructor who enjoys working with students of all levels.

Deborah has four sons, a supportive husband, a very brown cat, and a post graduate degree in economics.

Eliot Street Pilates

About Kirsten

Kirsten has been practicing Pilates since 2011, and she completed the Power Pilates 600 hour comprehensive teacher training program in 2015.

A long time ago she was a mergers and acquisitions attorney with poor posture and a weak core. Kirsten believes in the power of Pilates, namely the philosophy that movement heals. She has completed two triathlons and a Tough Mudder, loves to read, and bakes a lot. She lives in Natick, MA with her two little boys and a fish called Nemo.

Eliot Street Pilates

About Lindsey

Lindsey’s love and fascination with the body started out early in her massage therapy career. She graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in 2002, around the same time that she discovered Pilates. For many years however, the two were separate entities: massage served the “job” side of her life and Pilates addressed the personal, wellness side. Yet when her Pilates instructor moved away, Lindsey realized what a powerful, health-sustaining tool her movement practice had become, and took the next steps towards becoming a certified instructor. Studying the classical method through Power Pilates, she completed her Mat certifications in 2009 and 2010. Throughout the process, she fell in love with teaching; and connecting to deeper levels of body awareness, and went on to finish her comprehensive certification in 2012.

Lindsey revels in being a perpetual student and has studied with master trainers in Dallas, Chicago, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and California. Most recently, she and her husband moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Massachusetts, and are looking forward to settling into a cozy, New England life. What proves most rewarding to Lindsey, in both her bodywork and teaching practices, is facilitating her clients’ innate ability to connect with their body through movement, breath, mindfulness, and touch--which then empowers them to heal, re-energize, find strength, and remember what a gift it is to have this beautiful vessel we call a body!

Eliot Street Pilates

About Michelle

Michelle is a classically trained Pilates instructor and has been practicing Pilates since 1999. She received her certification in 2002 through The PhysicalMind Institute and is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) through the National Pilates Certification Program.

Michelle is confident in teaching all levels and has extensive training/teaching experience with MS/neurological conditions, pre/post natal, hip/knee replacements, scoliosis, osteoporosis, spondylosis and is able to work around any injury or condition utilizing the Pilates method. Michelle promotes a regular, consistent Pilates program that will yield longevity and high level of performance in daily exercise and activities.

Michelle is married and lives in a house of 5 “boys”: 3 sons, 1 husband and 1 crazy, lovable Golden Retriever.

Eliot Street Pilates

About Teresa

Teresa has been practicing Pilates since 2009. A Dental Hygienist since 1994, she was experiencing neck and back pain from her career and decided to try Pilates. It wasn’t long until she noticed a significant decrease in pain after a long day of work. Always an active runner, she noticed an increase in endurance and flexibility. She fell in love with Pilates and it’s benefits and was inspired to teach. Teresa is a Comprehensive Apparatus trained teacher through Power Pilates. She loves teaching and hopes her clients discover the Power of Pilates.

Teresa grew up in Houston, Texas and was in the Air Force stationed in California 1988-1992. She then moved to MA and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Northeastern University. Natick, MA is her permanent home where she lives with her husband and 2 children. She is excited and honored to be joining the team at Eliot Street Pilates where she started her Pilates practice.