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Pilates is a physical and mental conditioning system designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body.  Devised by Joseph Pilates in Europe around the time of World War I, Pilates has been in continuous use in the U.S. ever since Mr. Pilates emigrated to New York City in 1926. 

The Pilates system consists of over 500 exercises, some of which are done while lying on an exercise mat while others require specific Pilates apparatus designed by Mr. Pilates himself.  The purpose of every exercise is to help students regain control over their bodies and their health.  Other benefits include: good circulation, increased lung capacity, improved posture, coordination and balance, a strong, toned body, stress relief, increased energy, and injury prevention.

With its systematic approach to whole body fitness, Pilates benefits everyone, from the greatest athletes among us, to those rehabilitating from injuries, and even the couch potatoes! Pilates instructors assess a student's current state of fitness.  Together they devise a plan to build the student's physical and mental strength as well as endurance."