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I offered to write a testimonial for Suzanne because my experience with Pilates has been nothing short of remarkable. It began when I decided to return to tennis after decades of not playing. The result of this high impact sport on my 60 year old body were two shoulder injuries and painful tennis elbow that stayed with me beyond the court. I could not continue and figured it was too late in life for me to play.

After a year of strengthening and corrective work with Suzanne, I am now playing tennis three times a week! Pilates is a gentle, fun way of getting stronger, improving posture and correcting misalignments in the body. There is tremendous variety in the workouts which keeps it fresh. I always leave class feeling great in body, mind and spirit. It is an uplifting practice that I can no longer live without!

-Jane C-M.

While I was fairly fit, after two kids and a love of ice cream, my midsection had much to be desired. I tried a lesson on the reformer with Kirsten and was hooked - and I have going weekly since (almost two years now). In addition to vastly improving my core strength, I notice how much better I feel - my back is stronger and doesn't get sore like it used to, I sit up straighter and walk taller, and I have learned how to engage my core in other workouts I do, which helps me continue to get stronger and improve my overall fitness.

Kirsten is a wonderful teacher. She has the best way of describing how to engage your core muscles that makes it easy to learn how to properly do the exercises, and I have seen my core strength increase because of it. She has a lovely personality and is great about challenging me and encouraging me to push myself. I also like that, while there are exercises we always go to, each week is a little different so I never feel like I am in a rut. I feel everyone should have pilates as part of their fitness routine and highly recommend Eliot Street!

-Amelia S.

I'm so glad that I stopped driving by Eliot Street Pilates and finally signed up. My dance life ended a few years ago and I have been "at sea", trying to figure out how to keep the strength I'd spent an entire life building.

I began working with Deborah at the end of October 2015 once a week. The progress I made was so surprising to me that I signed up for private classes two times a week! Deborah is a caring, kind, sympathetic and positive teacher. Her preparation for our classes together follow a safe, logical progression and the strength I have gained in the past four months is extraordinary. My dance injuries are healing because she has helped me build the weaker muscles that played a big role in the my getting injured in the first place. I'm also back to hiking several miles three times a week which is helping me get even more fit.

Eliot Street Pilates is a lovely, bright studio to work in. It's well-ventilated and the equipment is in perfect shape. Working with Deborah, meeting Suzanne and some of the other students, has improved my life, both physically and mentally.

-Jeannie P.

I love taking classes at Eliot Street Pilates! The studio is light, airy and attractive; and there is always a friendly vibe among the students in Suzanne's classes.

Suzanne is upbeat, encouraging and very knowledgeable. She has a great eye, keeping track of the different abilities and needs of everyone in her mat classes. As a student of Suzanne's, I've built confidence and improved with each class.

Suzanne has a way of keeping her classes fresh and interesting. I've taken many different Pilates classes over the last eight years, and I count Suzanne among the very best!

-Laurie K.

I have finally found something that I really enjoy! I look forward to each session at Eliot Street Pilates.

I am in my mid 50s and have had many physical limitations over the last 30 years. After experiencing a broken ankle that never set well and receiving ankle replacement surgery two years ago, I wasn't sure what type of activity I would ever be able to do!

With Suzanne's guidance, I have found that Pilates is not only something I can do, but also something that comes with a great feeling of accomplishment. In about six months of taking classes at Eliot Street Pilates, I feel better balanced, have more body awareness, and have better core strength.

Suzanne keeps each session interesting, with a mix of different equipment and exercises. Her sessions are fun and always changing. She gives clear, concise direction and cues that are key to my success. Things that once seemed impossible several months ago I am now taking on with comfort and ease!

-Debbie S.

Michelle is terrific. Out of many top qualities of hers, I would rate her attention to detail as number one. For example, we might be focusing on a certain part of the upper body, and she will comment on making sure that my legs are "active." I have experienced several Pilates instructors, and most all have been very good, but Michelle positively stands out from the others. I am a teacher (professor) and very experienced, and I believe that I am highly qualified to judge what excellent teaching is!!! It's Michelle!!

- Paul B., Framingham, MA

I began Pilates classes with Michelle in 2008 following a surgery at the age of 58 and never looked back. I think she thought she would never be free of me as for the years ensuing I drove up to 30 minutes a couple times a week to reach her wherever she taught. When we moved too far away for me to chase her any longer, I tried other instructors in other locations, but no one teaches quite like Michelle. Now, having graduated to the point of owning a reformer myself, I hear her voice in my head as I move and feel the gentle press of her fingers where I need to scoop deeper or reach further. Best of all, we became friends along the way. This student will forever and always credit Dear Michelle with restoring my health.”

-Lyn H., South Dartmouth, MA